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gender<ed> thoughts Vol. 3/2022 - Gender Bias in Academia: Why Student Teaching Evaluations Should be Put to the Test by Andrea Klonschinski

Women are still underrepresented among the higher ranks of academia. Empirical evidence indicates that a central reason for this underrepresentation consists in the fact that women’s academic performance is evaluated much more harshly than men’s. One example for such evaluation biases are student teaching evaluations, which are systematically worse for female than for male teachers. Considered against the background of the low percentage of female professors, these results should be alarming, but in fact, student teaching evaluations continue to be the major if not the only form of teaching evaluation and their results are of pivotal importance for the academic career. This paper reviews studies on gender biases in student teaching evaluations, argues that they should no longer be used in their current form and sketches fairer alternatives.


Student Teaching Evaluations, Women in Academia, Leaky Pipeline, Gender Bias, Stereotypes