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Mirja Riggert: ‘Female Phallicism‘ in German Hip Hop FTZN IM CLB by SXTN in between Female Empowerment and Reconstitution of Patriarchy

The Berlin Hip Hop duo SXTN is famous for its provocative lyrics borrowed from the male-dominated rhetoric of battle and gangsta rap. The present article analyses the music video FTZN IM CLB of 2016 regarding its emancipatory potential, which the media frequently attributes to the female rappers. A configurative analysis of visual, textual and tonal elements applies assumptions of gender theory to the video. Thus, it becomes obvious that performing an aggressive sisterhood in FTZN IM CLB results in deconstructing phallogocentric images of femininity because feminine topoi are intertwined with male connoted behavior. At the same time, the mimetic adaptation of a male habit reinforces the female position as a derivative of the male. This is conceptualized in the idea of “female phallicism” by Angela McRobbie (2009), which considers the “phallic girl” a re-stabilization of gender hierarchy. In the self-assertive rhetoric of SXTN it becomes evident how this concept manifests itself under the guise of female empowerment.


SXTN, misogyny hip hop, female empowerment, gender hierarchy, feminism, rhetoric battle rap, gangsta rap

Riggert, Mirja (2019): ‚Weiblicher Phallizismus‘ im deutschen Hip Hop. SXTNs FTZN IM CLB zwischen weiblicher Selbstermächtigung und Rekonstitution des Patriarchats. Working Paper Series 2019, Volume 1, DOI: 10.3249/2509-8179-gtg-8

With a comment by Eva-Maria van Straaten