The Working Paper Series Gender<ed> Thoughts is an innovative scholarly platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discourse that contributes to current theoretical, empirical and methodological debates of gender studies (gender thoughts) and reflects the individual and societal significance of gender in everyday life (gendered thoughts).

The Working Paper Series targets particularly junior scholars in Lower Saxony, giving them a chance to publish their research results. Primary addressees of the series are students, doctoral candidates and post doctoral fellows. Possible contributions include findings from research projects, excerpts from theses, discussions of theoretical approaches and systematic literature reviews. The Working Paper Series thus contributes to increasing the visibility and global integration of this work.

Possible contributions include working papers of research projects, excerpts from theses, discussions of theoretical approaches, and systematic literature reviews.

Our archive offers an overview of already published articles and special issues.

The working papers are published continuously. Contributions can be submitted at any time in German or English. The submission guidelines can be found here.

The Editors-in-Chief check that the submissions comply with the formal guidelines and profile of the Working Paper Series. After acceptance, the article goes through a double-blind peer review process. Every contribution is evaluated by two independent, qualified reviewers, who constructively review the contributions and thereby introduce the young scholars to academic writing and publishing. Revised articles may be subject to a second review.

After the completion of the contribution, the editors will select one expert in the field to comment on the article from an interdisciplinary perspective, making suggestions for alternative analyses or further research directions.

We wish you a stimulating read of the contributions and look forward to new submissions and feedback!

The editorial team